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About Tanya Leah\’s \”Roses For Panjo\” Project

Tanya Leah has spent the better part of her career writing songs for other artists to sing.

With the \”Roses For Panjo\” project, she returns to the fore with her unique, sweet and soulful voice, on a record that was written for her artist/musician father, Ira \”Panjo\” Wollen, after he became incapacitated by a debilitating stroke.

The songs are smart and soothing, and have a quirky charm that will enchant you, and take you to a happier state of mind.

Joining Tanya on this musical journey are some of the finest musicians in NYC and Nashville (and the world!), and the project was mixed by the extraordinarily talented, Kevin Killen (Peter Gabriel, Shawn Colvin, U2).

This album is at once classic and ageless, and is perfect for anyone who needs a little hope and sunshine, and a lovely \”place\” to escape to (even if they can\’t actually go anywhere at all).



To learn more about the amazing people who helped create this music, please scroll down for names and links…(coming soon)

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